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Pedro Carmona Sáez - Head of Unit

MSc in Molecular Biology and PhD in Bioinformatics with a background in -omics data analysis in complex diseases. Interested in biomedical data integration and developing computational and statistical methods to decipher the main molecular mechanisms associated with complex diseases from large molecular datasets

Daniel Toro Domínguez - PhD Student

PhD student, co-supervised with Alarcón-Riquelme’s group. Mainly interested in using gene expression and omics data to establish a new classification schema of autoimmune diseases to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Jordi Martorell Marugán - PhD Student

PhD student, MSc in Omics Data Analysis from the University of Vic. Focused on the development of interactive Shiny applications and R packages.

Raúl López Domínguez - PhD Student

PhD student, MSc in Bioinformatics from the University of Murcia. I am a PhD student involved in the identification of biomarkers through the integrated analysis as well as building databases of omic data in some autoimmune diseases. Moreover, I am focused on developing enrichment web tools.

Adrián García Moreno - Bioinformatician

MSc in Bioinformatics from the Autonomous University of Madrid. I am involved in the development of methods and tools for functional analysis. 

Juan Antonio Villa-Toro García - Statistician

MSc in Statistics from the University of Granada.  Mainly interested in developing statistical methods for gene expression meta-analysis.

Former Members

Alba Escalera Balsera – MSc Student