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ImaGEO - Integrative Meta-Analysis of GEO Data

ImaGEO is a web tool that implements a complete and comprehensive meta-analysis workflow to analyze gene expression datasets starting directly from GEO identifiers.

MetaGENyO - Meta-Analysis of Genetic Association Studies

A web tool that implements a complete workflow for meta-analysis in Genetic Association Studies that can be executed in an easy-to-use environment without programming knowledge.

GeneCodis - Gene anotations Co-Ocurrence Discovery

A popular application for the functional analysis that can be used to determine biological annotations or combinations of annotations that are significantly enriched in a list of genes.

mCSEA - Methylated CpGs Set Enrichment Analysis

An R package that implements a GSEA based approach to detect diferentially methylated regions (DMRs) and allows users to integrate gene expression and methylation data.